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As you know, all California employees are entitled to be paid a minimum wage for the work they complete for their employers. The right to receive minimum wage cannot be waived. In California, minimum wages are determined by California minimum wage statutes and Local wage ordinances.

Santa Clara has enacted Local wage ordinances. The Santa Clara Minimum wage ordinance requires that employers pay their employees at a rate higher than the California minimum wage. For whatever reason, such as misclassification, mischaracterization, working off the clock, or it's outright refusal, employers will pay their employees at a rate less than the applicable Santa Clara minimum wage. When this happens, it is known as wage theft. California places a high value on an employee’s wages and levees significant penalties on employers who fail to pay their employees. When an employer commits wage theft, the employee could be owed thousands in unpaid wages, penalties, and other money damages!

Santa Clara Minimum Wage Requirements

January 1, 2021

January 1, 2019

- $15.65/hour

- $15.00/hour

January 1, 2020

January 1, 2018


- $13.00/hour

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Q: How do employers fail to pay employees the Santa Clara Minimum Wage?

A: Yes. Even if you are no longer working for the company, you still have the right to bring claims for unpaid wages, interest, and all associated penalties – you could be significantly more than just your unpaid wages!

A: There are a number of ways!  The common scenarios include:

  • Outright refusal to do so

  • Misclassification as an independent contractor

  • Mischaracterization as a salary-exempt employee

  • Failing to pay employees for all hours worked

Q: What if I already quit? Can I still bring my claims for unpaid wages?

Frequently Asked Questions

California Minimum Wage Requirements


    $13 / hr (25 or fewer employees)

    $14 / hr (26 or more employees)


    $12 / hr (25 or fewer employees)

    $13 / hr (26 or more employees)


    $11 / hr (25 or fewer employees)

    $12 / hr (26 or more employees)


    $10.50 / hr (25 or fewer employees)

    $11 / hr (26 or more employees)


    $10 / hr (25 or fewer employees)

    $10.50 / hr (26 or more employees)
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