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All California employees have a right to earn a minimum wage, as set by state and local governments.  Where a city or county has set a local minimum wage, the employee must be paid at that minimum wage - a wage greater than the current California minimum wage, as outlined below.

If an employer fails to pay an employee, including part-time and temporary employees, the proper local minimum wage, that employer has committed wage theft and could be liable to the employee for the thousands in unpaid wages, extensive penalties, and other money damages!

Belmont Minimum Wage Requirements

January 1, 2021

- $15.90/hour

January 1, 2020

- 15.00/hour

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Q: How do employers fail to pay employees the Belmont Minimum Wage?

A: If your employer fired you for complaining about minimum wage violations, that is illegal and you may have a claim for wrongful termination and unpaid minimum wages, interest, and all associated penalties! California is serious when it comes to protecting employee’s rights!

A: There are a number of ways!  The common scenarios include:

  • Outright refusal to do so

  • Misclassification as an independent contractor

  • Mischaracterization as a salary-exempt employee

  • Failing to pay employees for all hours worked

Q: Can I be fired if I complain about not receiving the proper minimum wage?

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California Minimum Wage Requirements


    $13 / hr (25 or fewer employees)

    $14 / hr (26 or more employees)


    $12 / hr (25 or fewer employees)

    $13 / hr (26 or more employees)


    $11 / hr (25 or fewer employees)

    $12 / hr (26 or more employees)


    $10.50 / hr (25 or fewer employees)

    $11 / hr (26 or more employees)


    $10 / hr (25 or fewer employees)

    $10.50 / hr (26 or more employees)
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